“In the beginning was the word”…John 1:1

   Do I have your attention?  Do not even pretend that with all the words in our language starting with an F one particular word did not come to mind.  Originating as a derogative name for the act of sex, it has become a universal all purpose word because it can be noun, verb, adjective or adverb depending on use.  The F word can be commonly heard around the world from grade-school playgrounds to corporate boardrooms. 

This word reflects the negative feelings that many people have about themselves and their lives. It is an outside-in word that places blame for those “bad” things going on in your life on something out there F’ing with you.  So we pass it on to anyone who gets in our way with an “F you” until enough people (men, women and children) have come in contact with the word to catch the victim mentality. 

 Growing up in the mid 1900’s in a rural area of Alabama, this word was completely unknown to me.  I remember the first “user” of the F word that I knew. It was his word of choice.  He was a major player in my life for a few years and I knew him well enough to love the person beneath his physical exterior behavior.  Besides introducing me to the F word he also introduced me to his belief system in Murphy’s Law – Anything That Can Go Wrong Will and Darwin’s Theories on Survival Of The Fittest.  Looking back on the things that went wrong while we were together, we were blessed to survive!

  We leave people behind as our life changes and evolves but we do carry with us the influences of all the loves of our life.  One of the influences that I carried was the F word and in California during the 80’s it was no big deal.  In California for the first time in my life I found love and acceptance without conditions and hypocrisy, but that did not mean that I had gotten away from it.

This was the period of corporate unfriendly mergers where entrepreneurs started very successful small companies and the large giants took them over.  I worked for an awesome company located a few blocks from the beach in Encinitas when the Giant from Atlanta made its move.  Prior to the take-over, the culture was set your own work hours, wear something, create your work, have fun and the company with take care of money, insurance, etc.  This culture built a fortune 500 company in a very short time.  AG (Atlanta Giant) looked at the numbers and moved in with sweeping changes.  Needless to say, we employees went into the victim mentality and the F word was rampant.  Part of my job responsibility became converting over to AG’s computer system.  One evening, after many hours on the computer, my screen went blank and demanded a new password…I typed in F— and completed the day.  The next morning when I arrived at work, the whole AG computer system was down because “someone in California” had corrupted the system. I called my CEO at home and after he stopped laughing…well that says it all.

It was during this period of my life that I learned “The Secret” of attraction in the negative form.  When our attention is on our fears of the worst thing that could happen, guess what we attract…Murphy’s Law.  That brings us to another four letter F word that is always lurking behind the victim mentality – Fear.  We attract into our lives according to our belief system of what is possible in our lives.

 Fear is very contagious and is now a world wide epidemic.  If you do not believe this…watch the news on television, turn on the radio, connect to the internet.  Everyway we turn, someone is feeding the fear epidemic and telling us the steps we must take or the products we must buy to keep from getting F’d.

 This Fear and victim mentality leads to feelings of insecurity and paranoia.  The world becomes a very unfriendly place where everyone and everything is out to F us (including nature like the weather and even our own bodies).  The mass hysteria of fear and victim mentality has in recent history pushed us into the position of F them before they F us or F what you need, there is not enough so I am gonna F’ing get mine.  This is the mentality behind bullying and violence whether it’s children in schools or nations at war.

 Faith is the original F word.  I have been researching words and easily find the words faith and fear written about throughout history but that other F word in my reading  first appeared in print in the 70’s, about the time that (name-dropping) Erica Jong wrote “Fear of Flying.”  Even now the word is seldom spelled out…I have a saved text message on my phone that simply says, “F U.” 

 Faith is one of concepts that gets very personal because it goes to the very root of our belief and value system.  Where we put our faith is often a life and death issue with each faction claiming to have the ultimate answer.  Think about that word faith and how it is tossed around.  Faith is also a universal word which can be used as noun, verb, adverb or adjective.

 Faith bargains abound in the world today and we are bombarded with offers to keep us superior, safe, secure, feeling good, drugged, beautiful, young, skinny, rich, part of the clique, employed and foremost “happy.”  These offers, of course, come with a price –complete surrender of personal power and self awareness.  My favorite book on this subject is “Serve God Save The Planet”  by (name-dropping)  J. Matthew Sleeth, M.D.

 Living Well with Faith does not require higher education, modern technology, government, organized religion, health insurance, medicine, drugs, an acceptable career or anything to fix and save us.  There is no cost or hidden fees only the acceptance that we are now sharing one home Earth as family.  None of us are superior or inferior – smarter or dumber – or any of the labels that we use to find conflict; we are just family. 

Faith in Life is knowing: 

***We all came to Earth in the same manner with a purpose and we will all leave in the same manner when that purpose is completed.

***Everything required for life on Earth was provided by nature and distributed over the Earth for the use of every species to live in peace.

***The same intelligence that keeps the Earth in orbit is in every cell in every human body giving every one equal potential.

***There are no mistakes in Nature…our oil was not placed in another country by mistake or millions of bodies given a statin drug deficiency by mistake.

***Every person has an equal right to and equal access to the One “I AM” which is life now and eternal.

 Living Well is reclaiming our personal power of faith in all life.  Rather than giving the warning to my loved ones when they go out the door “Be Careful” I send them off with “Be Full of Care” and that is the same closing I give to all of you today.  

Love, Light & Lots of Laughter…Joa